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Five Things You Need To Do To Keep Your Air Conditioner Functioning Properly

Maintaining your air conditioner is not only important when it comes to staying comfortable in your vehicle. It's also important for preventing your vehicle from overheating.
One of the most effective means of stopping a vehicle from overheating when a mechanical malfunction causes engine temperatures to rise is using the climate control features of your vehicle to cool down your engine. If either the heating or the air conditioning is not functioning properly, your vehicle could overheat, and engine failure can quickly ensue. 
If you want to keep your air conditioner functioning properly throughout the year, you should make sure that you take care of the following five things:

Recognizing Signs of Malfunction

An air conditioner that isn't properly cooling down your vehicle is not the only indication of air conditioner malfunctioning. There are other indicators that you need to know to look out for to ensure that your air conditioner gets serviced when necessary.
Other symptoms of air conditioner malfunctions that you need to know how to recognize include unusual smells, weak air flow out of vents, condensation in your vehicle when the air conditioner operates, and unusual noises coming from your air conditioner.  

Regularly Running the AC

You're probably not going to be using your air conditioner during the winter months.
However, it's a good idea to regularly run your air conditioner a little even when it's cold outside, and you don't need it for comfort. This way, you can help to maintain your air conditioner in working order and look out for any problems that are developing. 

Scheduling Routine Maintenance

You need to occasionally maintain an air conditioner with a tune-up that involves refreshing refrigerant levels and lubricating the moving parts that make up an air conditioner. 
Bringing your vehicle in for routine maintenance that involves topping off refrigerant levels can prevent breakdowns and maximize the lifespan of your air conditioner. 
Most vehicle manufacturers recommend that you recharge the air conditioning system about once every two years for the best possible performance. 

Keeping a Clean Air Filter in Place

The air filter in a vehicle air conditioner system is responsible for keeping the air that flows through the system clean. Over time, the air filter will accumulate dirt and debris.
You'll need to clean out the air filter or even replace it occasionally. Air conditioner filters can be cleaned with water and then dried out and replaced.
In most vehicle models, the air conditioner filter is located right behind the glove box. Inspecting the air filter occasionally and simply taking it out and shaking debris away can go a long way in improving air conditioner functioning. 

Clearing Debris Out

Regulars cleanings are another thing that needs to be done to keep a vehicle air conditioner operating optimally. Over time, dust and debris will build up at air conditioner vents, in condenser fins, and around the condenser. 
Clearing away this debris will both increase the efficiency of the air conditioner and prevent malfunctions. A more efficient air conditioner will allow your vehicle to stay cool with minimum fuel consumption. 
You can clean vents on your vehicle's interior yourself. You can also hose debris off of the condenser yourself. You can easily access the condenser underneath your vehicle hood, so learn how to identify it and clean it to keep your air conditioner as efficient as possible.
If your vehicle's air conditioning system needs to be serviced, you can contact Walnut Creek Import Service for assistance. Contact Walnut Creek Import Service with all your questions and concerns regarding proper vehicle air conditioner operation and maintenance. 

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