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How to Tell if You Need New Brakes

Although brakes aren’t the most attractive part of a car, they are one of the most essential and critical components. Here are a few ways you might know your car needs new brakes.
Hearing Unusual Sounds
Hearing sounds you haven’t heard before coming from your car can become quite alarming. If you haven’t had your brakes replaced in a while, it may be time to consider having your brake pads replaced. You will know something is wrong with your brakes when you hear a high pitched squealing noise when pressure is applied to your brakes.

Something Feels Off When You Apply Them

You will undoubtedly know when something is wrong with your brakes if applying pressure to the brakes feels different from when they were working properly. This could be a sign of worn-out brake pads that need to be replaced immediately. If it has been awhile since you have had your brakes looked at, it’s possible that the pad is entirely worn down and the metal rotor is being used to bring your car to a stop.
If something sounds or feels unusual when you apply your car’s brakes, there’s a chance that something may need replacing. Call Walnut Creek Import Service and Sales for more information on how to tell if your car needs new brakes.
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