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Shocks and Struts Replacement and Suspensions

The main purpose of shocks is to absorb the bounces and bumps as you travel. If they are not working properly, constant bouncing can affect your ability to control your vehicle. Worn shocks and struts can cause undue tire wear, reducing the life of the tire and costing money. Shock absorbers that are in good condition will improve your ability to handle your car or truck. If they are not in good shape, they may reduce control over your vehicle or prevent your tires from consistently gripping the road. At Walnut Creek Import Service and Sales, we offer strut replacement and repair services to customers throughout Walnut Creek.

How the Suspension System Works

The shocks and struts in your vehicle force hydraulic fluid through piston valves as they move up and down. The resistance provided during this process reduces the amount of bouncing and rattling you experience in your vehicle. The performance of air strut suspension systems can be affected by the various components of the system, including boots, mounts, cartridges and hardware. We inspect the assemblies to determine if maintenance, repair or replacement is most appropriate.

Symptoms of Trouble

How do you know if this part of your vehicle needs attention? You can perform a quick test by pushing down on the front or the back of the car and timing how long the auto bounces. If things are in good shape, the car should level out quickly. You also might notice that oil is leaking from the system or hear a rattling sound when you drive over rough roads.

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If you’re experiencing bumpy rides, it may be time for a visit to Walnut Creek Import Service and Sales. We offer repair services and factory-recommended car maintenance to customers throughout Walnut Creek. Give us a call at 925-939-8761 to schedule your appointment.

Replacing Shocks and Struts for Walnut Creek Cars
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